Jessica helps you transform your body to feeling aligned and balanced through Pilates

You can book online private classes, in person private classes or Jessica can bring the studio to your home for privates (note must be in the 5 mile radius for this service)

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I’m Jessica love

I’m the founder of Pilates Teacher Jess which brings pilates to you: in-person at a studio, in-person in your home/work space or via the online space. My purpose is to keep even the busiest of clients consistent.

Jessica has been practicing Pilates for well over 15 years. It started off as a way of improving posture and getting physically fit but the more she did it the more she realized it is so much more. She fell so completely obsessed with not only doing Pilates but also the idea of teaching and sharing this amazing practice with others that she studied Pilates and made it her career. Jessica’s goal is to show clients what their bodies are truly capable of and that they feel the best version of themselves.

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PTJ Pilates

Jessica offers Pilates Classes Online and Private Pilates Classes at home in Queens Park and Notting Hill. She blends the classical Pilates method with a wide variety of contemporary movement to keep things fresh and exciting in a calm and peaceful garden studio.