About Us

I’m Jessica LOVE

Jessica has been practicing Pilates for well over 15 years. It started off as a way of improving posture and getting physically fit but the more she did it the more she realized it is so much more. She fell so completely obsessed with not only doing Pilates but also the idea of teaching and sharing this amazing practice with others that she studied Pilates and made it her career. Jessica’s goal is to show clients what their bodies are truly capable of and that they feel the best version of themselves.

Jessica was comprehensively trained in Los Angeles and worked as a Pilates teacher in LA before moving back to London. Her style is classical with a contemporary spin to keep things invigorating. She believes Pilates should be safe, functional, and fun. Therefore, she brings energy and creativity to all the workouts while using her knowledge of the classical Joseph Pilates repertoire and up-to-date science. She is part of CIMPSPA which is the Pilates alliance in the UK and consequently does additional training every year to keep informed with science and new tools in order to provide her clients with the most up-to-date high-end workouts she can.

She strongly believes Pilates is for absolutely everyone. She is also certified in all the Pilates apparatus. It is her mission to keep even her busiest clients motivated and consistent with their practice. She has worked with many clients going through a wide variety of recoveries as well as those who are extremely fit and fitness professionals. Jessica is Pre and Post Natal certified. She helps parents to be and new parents feel centered and themselves again.

She is completely obsessed with Pilates and teaching this astounding and magical practice. It is a dream come true for her to share her greatest passion with you all.


What people say About Jessica

After having a terrible car accident, Jessica helped me with the rehabilitation of my back. Because of Jessica’s extensive knowledge of pilates, and anatomy along with a compassionate heart, I was able to recover quickly, strengthen and find even better movement in other areas of my body. Jessica is a true gem

Anne McCarthy


While Jessica lived in Los Angeles she was teaching in 2 of my studios where I took Pilates Reformer classes. She was very professional, precise and upbeat. She showed us the correct form and corrected the students if neccesary. Her workouts were inovative , energetic always fresh and gave us a good workout. She was able to conduct classes with students at different fitness levels. She was a lot of fun! I always tried to sign up for her classes. Unfortunately, she moved away and I am not able to take her classes anymore. She is certainly missed

Ans Key


Jessica is an amazing Pilates teacher. She always asks how your body is feeling and understands how to adjust your exercises if necessary. She always personalizes the lessons to your needs so they are enjoyable, safe and still challenging. She is always attentive and makes sure you are doing the exercises correctly. She must know every possible variation of Pilates exercises as she always makes the routines feel new and different. I highly recommend Jessica to anyone looking for a superb Pilates experience.

Betty Gibbs