Please contact Jessica Love directly at – to book any of the below services and schedule dates: contact us

Private or duet Pilates in your home (portable apparatus included) – Jessica has many portable Pilates apparatuses that she can bring to your house and create a studio feel in even the smallest of spaces. Perfect for the busy client who does not have more than an hour to travel to and from a studio. I will bring the studio to you. (must be a 5-mile radius from Jessica). CLICK HERE MOTR (NOTE: MOTR® not available yet but coming soon)

Private Pilates in an equipped studio – If you want to move on the reformer, springboard and arcs in a calming space then this is the class for you. Here you get workouts catered specifically to you, your needs, and goals in an undisturbed environment.

Duet Circuit Pilates in the studio – This will involve both clients alternating Pilates reps on different equipment. This is a fun effective way for two people to do Pilates with multiple apparatus.

Online Pilates Privates or duets – Jessica teaches online Pilates where no apparatus is required you just need to motivate yourself to show up. If you own apparatus she can also teach online apparatus lessons.