Why I require myself and my students to wear Pilates Grip Socks

I require all clients to have Pilates grip socks for a couple of reasons:

My clients’ safety is my number one priority and I will only create rules that are in my clients’ best safety interest. Clients put their well-being in my hands. Pilates apparatus can be slippery in certain positions and people sweat at their feet which creates slip. Sorry I’ve studied the human anatomy enough to know we all do sweat at the feet (no matter how cringe that might sound). I will not risk my clients unnecessarily slipping when there is a simple solution of grip socks especially not on moving apparatus.

There is also the issue of hygiene. We’ve just been in a global pandemic and I hope this has opened up our eyes to hygiene as whole. We walk around wearing sandals to a public swimming pool so let’s lend the same respect to our favorite studio reformers. Feet will be in straps and on the bar and then for a different exercise our hands will go to where out feet were. This is much more pleasant when we know we are wearing a fresh pair of socks that we have worn for just this 50-minute class. You wearing socks is for respect of your safety and hygiene as well as other clients.